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Our top 10 tips for a great motorhome adventure!

Far and Away Motorhomes parked up at a campsite

1.If you’re considering hiring a motorhome, plan well in advance. The best motorhome companies get booked up in advance, especially during the summer months. Don’t rule out the less-busy times. The hire charges are lower, the roads less congested and there’s more availability on the sites.  

2.Plan your route: Before hitting the road, plan your route in advance. Consider the distance you want to cover each day, the sites you want to stay at, and the attractions you want to visit along the way. Far & Away Motorhomes will provide any help/advice you need.

3.Stock up well: You will need to pack your food and suitable clothing in addition to bug repellent (especially if you’re heading to Scotland in summer). Far & Away Motorhomes provide gas, toilet chemicals, sat-nav system and broadband at no extra charge. We also provide lots of decent crockery, cutlery and pans.

4.Familiarize yourself with your motorhome: Take some time to familiarize yourself with your motorhome before setting off. This includes understanding how to operate all of the appliances, heating, and how to fill with water. Far & Away Motorhomes provide a full induction, making sure you feel confident before you set off. If you need help later, just give us a call.

5.Be safe: Motorhomes are larger and heavier than most vehicles, but you will quickly gain confidence. You can drive our motorhomes on a standard UK license and we have automatic or manual vehicles. The advantage of being a little higher up than cars means that you will enjoy a better view of the road ahead. Take care when levelling the motorhome with the ramps. The rear parking cameras also help! Far & Away Motorhomes will cover driving and parking during your inductions so you can drive away with confidence.

6.Plan your visits: Most visitor attractions welcome motorhomes and have parking set-aside for larger vehicles. It is a good idea to check in advance.

7.Plan your activities along the way, especially if you have children: You can stop off for lunch in beautiful places – it isn’t just about the destination in a motorhome. Also prepare for rainy days. Far & Away Motorhomes provide board games, TV, books and free broadband access to help you plan. 

8.Enjoy the freedom: A motorhome holiday is all about enjoying the journey, not just the destination. Take time to appreciate the surroundings and flexibility of a motorhome holiday to make the very best memories with your loved ones.

9.Relax. Enjoy the comfort and facilities in your motorhome. Far & Away Motorhomes are luxury hotels on wheels!  Choose your hire company wisely. They aren’t all the same. Far & Away Motorhomes work hard to make sure you enjoy your holiday and make some wonderful memories!

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