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Motorhome in Chatsworth
  1. Choose your motorhome and reserve your dates bw. If you can’t find the dates you’re after, email us
  2. Within 24 hours: pay your booking deposit of £200
  3. Six weeks prior to pickup, complete our Driver’s form (details will be sent with your booking confirmation)
  4. One month before your holiday: pay your remaining balance for the booking
  5. 3 days prior to pickup, pay your refundable security deposit
  6. Pick up your motorhome
Driver requirements and proof of ID?

We require copies of the following from all drivers before we can release a motorhome to you:

  • Photo card drivers’ licence with up to date address (copy of paper licence if pre-1997 pass)
  • Two proof of address from separate sources(see criteria below)
  • A traceable security deposit (BACS)
  • Online DVLA licence check for UK drivers

We require 2 proofs of address from the following:

  • Utility bill (electricity, water, gas, broadband, landline, tv license)
  • Council tax
  • Bank Statement
  • Credit card bill/statement
  • Mortgage statement
  • Polling card
  • HMRC self-assessment/tax credit/DWP

It is possible to substitute one of the above for one of the following:

  • Student loan
  • Shotgun licence
  • Payslip
  • Mobile Phone Bills
  • Pension letters
  • Car Finance Statement
  • Loan Statement
  • Property deed

All documents must be dated within 90 days of the hire date. The address & name on your licence must match both documents.

Length of hire

You can hire a motorhome for as little as 4 days and up to six months. Our most common rental period is one or two weeks. We usually insist on a minimum of 7 days during peak times.

Last minute

Although we recommend planning in advance, we also welcome last minute bookings too! We sometimes have short gaps in our diary between hires so it is worth getting in touch. Our general rule is that we’d like to help you on your way to a great holiday. However, we do need a couple of days minimum to do all our checks before rentals.