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From booking to pitching up

Camsite in Wales

New to motorhoming? Nervous about taking the plunge? Don’t worry, we provide a full induction and clear written instructions.

We suggest you allow up to 90 minutes for a “motorhome handover” at our collection point. We run through all the controls features and facilities as well as take you for a quick test drive, if required, with one of our team. We also provide detailed documentation on how everything works for easy reference during your holiday. Bring your questions!

Take a look also at preparation and checklist pages.

Arriving at the campsite

If you’ve never been away in a motorhome before, it might be a bit daunting knowing what to do when you arrive at a campsite. Here is our step by step guide for you to get set up properly and ready for that first cuppa overlooking the view.

1. Check in to reception

Whether you’ve already booked your pitch or not, the first thing to do once you’ve arrived at a campsite in your motorhome is pop in to reception. You can meet the managers, find out what facilities are available and even get some recommendations of places to visit whilst you’re there.

Most importantly, most campsites have specific pitches for motorhomes and they prefer to know which one you’ll be staying in.

Some campsites have limited opening hours for their reception. If you arrive outside of the opening hours, and you haven’t pre-booked, they may have a sign that tells you to pick a pitch and return during their open hours to pay. These campsites trust you to be responsible when choosing a pitch and be respectful of other campers on the site.

2. Fill your water tank

Although some pitches have water supplies, most do not. You will have to fill up the water tank before settling on your pitch. Do also use the water sparingly – or you will find yourself having to make regular journeys to the water points. The control panel will show your fresh and grey water levels.

3. Empty the grey water in the designated drains

It is important to close the grey water valve when parked up. This means you will have to empty the grey water regularly. You should do so regularly. It isn’t good to drive with a tank full of grey water and we require you to return the motorhome with an empty grey water tank. Check the levels on the control panel.

4. Choose your pitch carefully

Many sites will allow you to choose your pitch. We suggest you avoid bottom of a hill and pitches that slow ‘two’ ways if possible. Campsite managers are usually helpful in taking into account the needs of motorhomers.

5. Position on the pitch

Some sites have stricter rules on whether to drive forwards or reverse into pitches. And many will ask you to position to one side of the pitch. Generally, they will want to ensure at least 7 metres between motorhomes and this provides a decent amount of privacy as well. You might also want to consider the following:

  • Position the rear door that it opens to the widest part of the pitch. This will give you plenty of space for setting up the table and chairs outside with the external light on when it gets dark.
  • Take into account the pitch gradient?
    Motorhomes usually slope forward toward the cab when parked. This can be addressed with the levelling ramps we provide, but it helps to take the pitch gradient into account.
  • Sometimes it is possible to park perpendicular to the pitch. This can work well when next to water

6. Level up

You will be given full instructions on how to use these the levelling ramps that we provide with your motorhome. It is often easier to drive straight onto the ramps rather than reversing onto them.

7. Hook up

Connect to the electric hook up point as soon as you are parked up. You won’t be able to boil the electric kettle until you do! Do note that some hook-up points require you to turn the nozzle or flick a switch to switch the electricity on. The control panel will show when the motorhome is connected to the mains.

Please also note that most hook-up points are lower-voltage than domestic supplies. The appliances we provide are also low-voltage. Avoid using high-voltage items in the motorhome. If you do, you may blow the fuse on your pitch.

If your power goes off, don’t panic. The most likely explanation is that you have tripped the fuse at the hook-up point. If you have, you will have to flick the fuse switch. If this doesn’t work, contact the site manager.

8. Put the kettle on, get the table and chairs out, and relax!.

9. If you leave your pitch, you will want to reserve it. Talk to the campsite management about how you reserve your pitch. We provide a yellow reserved sign for you to use.