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Hiring and Driving Our Motorhomes

front of cab in motorhomes

Our motorhomes are easier to drive than you might think. You can choose between manual and automatic gears. Rear-view and parking mirrors fitted. And we throw in a sat-nav at no extra charge.

Can I drive a motorhome on my license?

A full UK driver’s license allows you to drive a vehicle up to 3500kgs. All of our motorhomes are below this weight. The rear of your driving license should specify this under the entitlements list.

Provided you have a full UK driving licence that is clean and has been held for at least 2 years.

I don’t have a driving licence photo-card, is this a problem?

If you passed your driving test before 1997 it is possible that you have only a paper driving licence. This is still a valid form of ID but we will require a form of official photo ID, too. This could be your passport. If you passed your test after 1997, your paper licence is no longer valid and you should apply for a photo-card licence.

I have a non-UK driving licence, is this okay?

This should be fine, but we will need additional time to carry out checks. You will need to provide a copy of your license, plus an additional form of photo ID, such as your passport and a form of address ID, such as a utility bill. Please note that an increase in insurance will apply in some cases.

I have some points on my licence. Is this a problem?

We’ll accept 3 points in the last 5 years, but any more than this will require a conversation with our insurers. We will ask you to send us your driving licence details via the DVLA website.

You may still be able to hire a motorhome with points on your license. Let us know the details and we can advise. There are certain endorsements that our insurers will not cover – particularly drink driving.

Is there a minimum/maximum age limit?

To drive one of our motorhomes, you must be between 25 and 75 years of age.

However, we CAN approach our insurers about individual cases and, with some of your information, ask if they can insure you. They usually charge an additional premium for this.

Additional Drivers

One driver is covered for your trip, but we can add drivers for a small additional fee. All drivers MUST meet our age and other conditions and complete our driver’s form and agree to our terms and conditions.

No one else may drive a motorhome without our prior permission.

What about mileage limits?

We don’t impose mileage limits for our motorhome hire within the UK, although we may impose limits if you are planning a trip in the EU. We do ask where you are planning to go to satisfy our insurance company.

Does your Insurance cover EU travel?

Provided we have agreed this in advance, our motorhomes will be fully insured within the European Union. For EU cover, there is an extra insurance cost of £200 per week. This includes Northern Ireland.

Please note that the rules about where you can take our motorhomes are laid down by our insurance company and, if anything goes wrong, you could ultimately be liable! If you have any questions about whether your travel plans are covered, then please seek our advice. We are very happy to have a conversation with the insurance company on your behalf to ask anything that isn’t clear.

What fuel do your motorhomes run on and how efficient are they?

Our motorhomes run on diesel. In terms of efficiency, as with other vehicles, this depends how they are driven. If you drive sensibly (avoiding accelerating hard) you should get fuel economy between 25 to 30 miles per gallon. Keeping the speed below 65 mph on motorways will help with costs and the environment!

Do you do weekend hires?

Most of our rentals are weekly – Saturday 2.30pm until Saturday 10AM. However, we are able to accommodate those who want shorter periods. Please email us to let us know your requirments

What are minimum / maximum hire periods

Most of our customer go away for short breaks of a week or two. Some go for the whole month. Our mission is to give you a motorhome experience that you’ll never forget, so whatever your dreams are and however long you want to hire a motorhome for, we will work to make it a reality.

How many miles could I cover in one day?

This depends on many things, including your party, but our recommendation would be that you break up your journey and have time to relax along the way. For instance, if you are heading to Scotland, you could consider a stop-over in the East of the Lake District (3.5 hours away). Or Berwick-Upon-Tweed (4 hours). There is also the option of a stop closer to our base (including the Derbyshire Dales or the Peak District, which are both on our doorstep). There are lots of things to see and discover at each site you stop in. Let the kids get the bikes down from the bike rack and explore their new, temporary, home!

Also give some thought to where you can stay for food/drinks and a break along the way. A picnic en route can be an excellent start to your holiday!

If you want tips/advice, please ask. We are more than happy to help with planning your holiday.

Returning the motorhome to us

Our pick up times are usually 2.30pm and our drop-off time is 10am. However, we may be able to vary this to fit with your specific plans.

Do I need to fill the diesel tank when returning the motorhome?

We always rent out with a full tank and we require it to be returned full. There are several petrol stations less than 2 miles from our base.

What about the water tanks and toilet cassette

We would request that you empty your grey water at the last site you leave (and prior to starting your journey). Please also make sure that you thoroughly clean the toilet cassette. It is fine to leave up to 33% of fresh water in the tank.

If you travel with too much water on board, it will cause the motorhome to lilt during travel.

How clean does the motorhome have to be when it is returned

We don’t expect you to clean your hire motorhome to the exceptional showroom condition that it was given to you in. However, we do ask you to clean as much as you can using the cleaning products we provide. This includes jay cloths, antibacterial spray, washing up liquid and a dust pan and brush.

We also ask you to empty and and re-prep the toilet cassette, which we will have shown you how to do in your collection handover.