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Choosing your motorhome

PIcture showing two motorhomes from Far and Away Motorhomes

Which motorhome should I choose?

This depends on many things: your destination; how many are in your party; whether you are travelling with children etc. Our motorhomes are different sizes: Lily is just less than 7 metres and Rohan is 7.5 metres. They are both relatively easy to drive and certain characteristics make them easier to navigate around narrow lanes (you sit much higher up than in a car, so you can see above the hedges on the narrow roads of Cornwall). If you are going to go far off the beaten track, you may be better off in a campervan. But whatever you decide, it pays to plan in advance and discuss your arrangements with us.

If there’s just two of you – you might want to go with Rohan with the rear lounge area. You can still sleep above the cab, so you won’t have to make up the bed each night.

If you have children, having the bunks permanently made up can be really helpful and you may prefer to choose Lily.

Can we bring our dog?

We are dog-friendly. However, we do ask that dogs are kept off the beds and upholstery. Some of our guests are sensitive to dog hair, and we make sure our vans are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. Because of this, we do charge a small premium for dogs. Remember to tell us in advance if you would like to bring your dog along.